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Must Visit Places in Malang, Indonesia

Must Visit Places in Malang, Indonesia

Malang is located in East Indonesia and is famous for its cooler climate among many other things. Established by the Dutch, for this very reason this city resembles and is well-known for its colonial architecture much like the architecture seen in the Dutch inhabited nations. If you are visiting Indonesia on your next holiday, your trip is incomplete without making your way to Malang, Indonesia. Read on to find out 6 places you must visit, when in Malang, Indonesia and why it is a must for you to add to your bucket list.

TheHotel Tugu Malang

It is not just a hotel, it is the right accomodation to book through Traveloka, and an experience of the rich heritage and culture of Java, one that will truly turn moments in to memories you can cherish for a lifetime. Famous as a museum, this striking place is more than just a museum, it’s a hotel! While you are here, take a tour of the antiques, hosted here, curated by the owner over the years. These antiques hold historic significance and are unique to this hotel. These antiques date back to the era influenced by the Javanese Babah Peranakan. They were migrants representing blended culture of the Ming dynasty and native Malang, javanese inhabitance.

Ji Besar Ljen

Head towards the north-western side to the centre and you’ll be besotted by the Malang’s popular colonial grandeur. Here you can view the homes of Malang’s rich and famous millionaires all mansions showcasing the architecture and design of the Dutch era. Times have changed and many of these mansions too but while you are here, there is so much to see, you’d never want to leave the leisure and luxury Malang stay-cation has to offer. If you happen to visit this place in the end of May, you can witness, the popular Malang Kembali festival.

Bala Kotai

This administrative building displays age old Dutch and Javanese architectural styles blended to create this marvel. The roof top of this building is centrally tiered and highly resembles a Javanese mosque. Whilst you are here, tour this building that is a landmark to the city of Malang

Temples, Mosques and Churches

Malang like we mentioned before is home to great history and culture. In surrounding areas and within the boundaries of the city there are many temples of the Hindu dynasty and Ming dynasty that you can visit. That’s not all. This city also has mosques that are populated by tourists alike. Make your way to the Eng an kiong chinese temple, Gereja Maria Bundel Karmel – a popular catholic church still visited by tourists and locals alike, Malang’s central mosque to name a few.

Pasar Bunga

If flowers are your thing, go for a stroll to the Pasar Bunga flower market. Ideal for a visit on your morning walk, this market is located by the river valley, making it an absolute must visit.

Pasar Besar

If you enjoy shopping and want to try on best of  the locally grown fruits, vegetables and more, head right out to the main public market of Malang – Pasar Besar.

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