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5 Fun Things to do on Turks & Caicos

5 Fun Things to do on Turks & Caicos

Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean is one of the most beautiful collections of islands on the planet, making it one of the ultimate holiday destinations for lovers of sand, sea and blue sky.

However, one of the problems with any holiday, no matter how beautiful a location, is finding out about all of the great things on offer there before you arrive.

If you’ve set your sights on Turks & Caicos for your next holiday, we have just the thing for you. Whether you prefer to relax in the sun all day or explore every corner of the islands, we have something for you. Take a look at these five fun things to do on Turks & Caicos below.

Relax on Grace Bay Beach

This is the perfect option for anyone who loves nothing more than lying in the sun all day, feeling the sand between your toes and taking the occasional dip in the sea.

Remarkably, the island of Providenciales is home to the world’s best beach, as decided by Trip Advisor. Grace Bay is truly staggering and a must-visit for anyone on holiday in Turks & Caicos.

What a treat it is to sunbathe on a particular beach, knowing that there isn’t one place in the entire world better than where you are.

Visit the Conch Farm

This one is both for those of you who really love food and love the wonders of the sea. For those not familiar with conch, it is a sea snail which is heralded as a local delicacy around these parts, so much so that Turks & Caicos is home to the first and only conch farm in the world.

If you choose to head to the Caicos Conch Farm, you can experience a tour which takes you from the process of conch egg hatching right up to full grow conch.

You can experience the sea snails up close and personal and can handle them if you so choose. The locals are really passionate about many a sea creature and this really is an experience not to miss out on.

There will also no doubt be plenty of opportunities to taste the delicious seafood as the locals pop it in a number of different dishes.

Trip to Little Water Cay (the Iguana Island)

There is a running theme in this list which is that Turks & Caicos is full of unique experiences, and Little Water Cay is definitely another.

Better known to the locals as Iguana Island, Little Water Cay is a tiny island (or cay) situated a mere 499 yards from Providenciales which is entirely inhabited by a rare type of Iguana called Rock Iguanas.

They used to inhabit all of Turks and Caicos, however, their numbers have sadly dwindled so now they can all be found on this particular island.

A walkway has been constructed so that you can walk from one side of the island to the other and experience the reptiles in their natural habitat. Take a look at this Visit TCI page for more information.

See JoJo the Dolphin

Lots of beautiful destinations offer you the opportunity to swim or meet certain friendly sea creatures such as dolphins. Turks & Caicos is another of these locations, with one startling difference.

While any other sea-life centre has dolphins which live in captivity, there is one special dolphin who roams the coast of Turks & Caicos who is not only wild but happily comes close to the shore to engage with humans.

JoJo is a male Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin (one of only eight known dolphins of its kind) and has built a relationship with a diver named Dean for over 30 years. You can meet him along with Dean in what really is a once in a lifetime experience.

Explore the Coastal Reef

As you’d expect, the coastline of Turks & Caicos is truly breathtaking, both on land and underwater.

There are actually a number of excellent day trips which allow you to experience the beauty of the seabed and its stunning coral reefs up close from the comfort of a boat.

Check out the Underwater Explorer Tours based in Providenciales who have a wonderful boat/submarine which can provide this unique experience.

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